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"Classroom of the Elite III" continues to captivate viewers with its intricate plot twists and mind games. In episode 7, we are once again thrown into the cutthroat world of Koudo Ikusei High School, where the battle for dominance among the students escalates to new heights. In this review article, we will delve into the thrilling events of this episode and explore the underlying themes of manipulation, power, and the lengths some individuals will go to achieve their goals. Scroll down to watch 


Episode 7 of "Classroom of the Elite III" introduces us to a series of unpredictable events that leave both the characters and the audience on the edge of their seats. The episode revolves around a highly anticipated school festival, which serves as the perfect backdrop for the intense power struggles that unfold.

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In this episode, we witness the machinations of the protagonist, Ayanokouji, as he once again demonstrates his unparalleled ability to manipulate those around him. Through a series of calculated actions, he manages to subtly influence the decisions of his classmates, ultimately leading to a chain of events that leaves everyone questioning their own alliances and motivations.

Key Themes Explored:

1. Manipulation and Deception:

   Episode 7 delves deeper into the theme of manipulation, showcasing the various tactics employed by the students to gain an advantage. Ayanokouji's masterful manipulation skills are on full display, as he strategically orchestrates events to his benefit, making it increasingly difficult for others to discern his true intentions.

2. Power Dynamics:

   The episode highlights the power dynamics within the school, with students vying for influence and control. It explores the lengths to which individuals are willing to go in order to assert their dominance, often resorting to underhanded tactics and psychological warfare.

3. Personal Growth and Self-Discovery:

   Amidst the chaos and manipulation, some characters undergo profound personal growth, discovering hidden strengths and reevaluating their own values. Episode 7 provides a platform for characters to question their own motivations and confront their inner demons.

4. Trust and Betrayal:

   Trust becomes a fragile commodity in this episode, as alliances crumble and betrayals come to light. The characters are forced to navigate a treacherous landscape, where loyalty is a luxury few can afford.


"Classroom of the Elite III" episode 7 delivers another gripping installment, filled with intricate plot twists and a deep exploration of complex themes. The episode showcases the sheer brilliance of Ayanokouji's manipulative nature while also shedding light on the consequences of power struggles within a tightly controlled environment.

As the series progresses, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the next episode, as the battle for dominance intensifies and the true nature of the characters is revealed. "Classroom of the Elite III" continues to be a must-watch for fans of psychological drama, offering a unique blend of suspense, intellect, and moral dilemmas.

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