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 One of anime's biggest names will be celebrating two decades of iconography, as the original Naruto series will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a new special event. 

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Despite being a prolific figure in Japanese animation, it has been quite some time since we've seen Naruto Uzumaki (Junko Takeuchi) in his prime. Following his days of training in the original series and his iconic adventures in Naruto: Shippuden, the bulk of the Naruto franchise has focused on Naruto's son, Boruto Uzumaki (Yûko Sanpei). Much of these adventures have been explored in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), but many fans still wish to relive the glory days of anime's favorite ninja.

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Fans of Naruto in the intellectual property's home country of Japan won't have to wait long, as the exciting four-week-long event celebrating Naruto's 20th Anniversary will begin on Sunday, September 3rd. The first episode of the special will be airing in Japan via cable on networks affiliated with TV Tokyo at 5:30 PM Japanese Standard Time. One of the following three episodes will likely be premiering on the network at the same time every next week on Sunday, with the episodes airing on September 10th, September 17th, and September 24th.

That said, VIZ Media has not yet announced a date for if and when the episodes will be available outside of Japan. At the time of this writing, an international release and English-dub release has not been announced.

With Naruto set to celebrate its 20th anniversary, fans will be getting their wish with not one, not two, not three, but four brand-new episodes set during the events of the original series. This makes it the first time we've been able to see Naruto Uzumaki during his glory days since Naruto: Shippuden closed the book on his story in 2017. To learn more about the milestone celebration and its episode count, plot details, release date, and more, here is everything we know about the Naruto 20th Anniversary Special Event.

Is There a Trailer for the Naruto 20th Anniversary Special?

VIZ Media has not yet released an official Naruto 20th Anniversary Special trailer. However, fans of Naruto should certainly check out the above celebration video that VIZ Media released. The nearly ten-minute-long video showcases Naruto Uzumaki's entire journey with fresh and updated animation, taking a particular focus on the legendary friendship and eventual rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke (Noriaki Sugiyama).

VIZ Media also shared a poster ahead of the upcoming special, which shows that fans of the hit series will get a hefty dose of nostalgia by reuniting with familiar faces.

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