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In the electrifying episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 9, we find ourselves at Shibuya Station, where Satoru Gojo, masterfully portrayed by Yûichi Nakamura, is poised to confront his attackers. This gripping installment takes us on a blood-soaked journey, as we follow each step of Gojo's encounter, raising questions about whether even his godlike powers can prevail against the sinister trap set for him. scroll down to watch 

The Challenge of Challenging Gojo:

Entering this episode, viewers may have wondered how the show's creators could possibly craft a scenario where Gojo, with his nearly limitless abilities, could genuinely be threatened without resorting to his overwhelming power. However, as the episode unfolds, we witness a brilliant series of challenges and obstacles that are systematically stacked against the sorcerer. These modifiers gradually make it believable that even Gojo could find himself in real trouble.

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A Surprising Prelude:

Rather than thrusting us directly into the heart of the action, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 9 opens with an unexpected sequence. It feels like we're watching a home movie, as various personalities from Jujutsu Tech share their thoughts on Gojo. While Itadori's affection for his teacher is palpable (given that Gojo spared his life), most characters view Gojo as well-intentioned but eccentric. Gojo often plays the fool, adding complexity to his character. Itadori's final statement emphatically asserts Gojo's status as the strongest.

Gojo's Display of Power:

Returning to Shibuya station, the episode allows us to witness Gojo's unmatched strength firsthand. Hanami (Atsuko Tanaka) and Jogo (Shigeru Chiba), in their sinister plan, may have believed that the presence of innocent bystanders would hinder Gojo. However, Gojo quickly dispels this notion. Although his domain expansion technique is off the table, he proves that he can dispatch his adversaries through conventional means. Nevertheless, the prolonged battle takes a toll on Gojo's mental state, even as he maintains physical dominance.

The Shattering of Gojo's Emotions:

While the entire battle unfolds with jaw-dropping skill and precision, it's the fracturing of Gojo's emotional state that truly stands out in this sequence. The artists at MAPPA skillfully convey the immense strain the situation places on the sorcerer. We witness a brutality in Gojo's attacks that was previously unseen, completely shattering the image of the foolish teacher he occasionally portrays.

A Revelatory Encounter:

The moment when Gojo and Geto come face-to-face is a revelation for the series. It sheds light on critical moments from previous episodes and offers a new perspective on the lengths to which Gojo is willing to go to protect others. It underscores the fact that Gojo's playful facade is just that—an act.


Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 9 delivers not only stunning visuals but also crucial character development moments. It effectively shifts the power structure of the show, leaving us with the certainty that nothing at Jujutsu Tech will ever be the same again. This episode is a testament to the series' ability to craft compelling narratives within its supernatural world.

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