Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 8 review

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 In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 8, the stage is set for a massive confrontation as the masses gather at Shibuya Crossing for a Halloween celebration, demanding the appearance of Satoru Gojo. However, another battle unfolds as Yuji Itadori and Mei Mei face a second barrier at the Meiji Shrine Subway Station. Scroll down to watch 

The episode begins with a brief check-in with Gojo as he assesses the situation in Shibuya. It effectively conveys the crowded and ill-equipped conditions in which people are trapped. Gojo's use of sorcery in front of so many people is a departure from the secrecy usually maintained by sorcerers.

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One aspect of the episode's main fight sequence that may not sit well with some viewers is the interlude that explains why loci are a threat when they swarm. While informative, it interrupts the episode's pacing. However, interested viewers could easily find this information online.

Following this setup, Itadori and Mei confront unknown forces at the Meji Shrine station. While Mei gets some character development, the focus is on Itadori. Itadori, shedding his goofy facade, impressively takes down his opponent with precision and efficiency, showcasing his combat abilities.

Once Itadori's fight concludes and he reunites with Mei, the episode shifts back to Gojo, preparing to face off with Hanami and Jogo. This fight emphasizes setup over flashy action, frequently delving into the past when Jogo and Suguru Geto were planning the confrontation. These details highlight the immense power of Special Grade Sorcerer Gojo.

Unlike the previous interruption, these asides are crucial to understanding the curse's approach to the battle and why Gojo seems less capable. They prevent the viewer from thinking that Gojo's powers are being arbitrarily weakened for the narrative's sake. These moments clarify that while jujutsu sorcery is magical, it must adhere to certain limitations of space and time.

In summary, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 8 offers intense confrontations, character development, and necessary explanations, ensuring an engaging and informative viewing experience.

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